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Welcome to the SFP Alumni Website!


Thank you for your generosity and support!

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in this special effort in support of St. Francis Prep!

The generosity exhibited yesterday by our alumni, parents, staff, friends and students, resulted in a total of $18,218. For this we are extremely grateful to all the members of the Prep "family" for demonstrating their Franciscan spirit once again.

Thanks again and God bless! On for Ol' St. Francis!!

Our GivingTuesday Donor Roster (final update):

1955 Peter D'Amato

1957 Edward Anthony Andrie

1957 Arthur A. Crowe

1957 Edward Kennedy

1957 Robert C. Kirby

1959 James J. Jones 

1960 Joseph M. Lisante

1960 Brian Wickham

1960 William Zuk

1961 Bob Donohue

1961 John F. McCormack

1961 Tom O'Brien

1962 John J. Arthurs

1962 Theodore Bajo

1962 John E. Gibbons 

1962 Edward F. Melanson

1962 Joseph E. Schneider

1964 James Connolly

1964 John Leone 

1965 Michael J. Prior

1965 Michael J. Sinneck

1966 Fredric V. Salvo

1968 Joseph E. Garcia

1968 Paul Iacullo

1969 John A. Coyne

1972 Richard Danderline 

1972 Thomas DeMaria

1973 Patrick McLaughlin

1973 Andre Python

1974 Anthony Winiski

1975 Kathleen Furlong 

1975 Peter J. Gannon

1975 John Martin

1975 Mark Stehlik

1975 Angela Trovato 

1976 Peter Buchbauer

1976 Gerard Compito

1976 Nancy Donato

1976 Kathleen A. Mackin-Sciortino

1976 Stephen E. Mandia

1976 JeanneMarie & Armand Patella

1976 Gerald Scales

1977 Joseph S. Cervia in honor of the many kind Franciscans

1977 Karen A. Colafrancesco

1977 John P. Halayko

1977 Michael Madden 

1977 Karen McKeon

1977 James Naughton

1977 Colin P. Quinn

1978 Karen and James Gilroy

1978 Eileen LeMonda

1978 Susan Lenczowski-Gregori

1978 Carol Papandrea-Curro

1979 Loretta Bandera

1979 Alice Dunkak-Quinn

1979 Thomas A. Gebert

1979 Annette Giampaolo McIntee

1979 Bellew S. McManus 

1979 Jeanne Marie Rubsam-Kane

1980 Lisa and Jeffrey Alter 

1980 Marian Baldwin-Fuerst

1980 Wally Bishop 

1980 Gerard Boeckhaus

1980 Bob Hamilton

1980 Norma Kalkhoff

1980 Michael P. Lavelle

1980 Michele Maresca-Schule

1980 Bronwyn McAndrews-Peters in honor of future Prepsters Timothy & Thaddeus Peters '21

1980 Elizabeth & Robert McNulty

1980 Kevin W. O'Hara

1980 Kathleen Romagnano

1980 Patricia Villanigro-Briotta

1980 Richard Waitkus

1980 Tom White 

1980 Barbara Younger 

1981 Edward Boles

1981 Richard Stalzer

1982 John Butler 

1982 Lyndon Chin 

1982 Jean F. Coppola

1982 Laurie & Kevin McNamara

1982 Laura C. Pecini

1982 Margaret Wolf

1983 Patricia Browne-Ronan

1983 Kerry Condon

1983 Christine Connor

1983 Maria DellaRatta

1983 Michelle Estilo-Kaiser

1983 Sal Fischetti

1983 Jim Gannon

1983 Suzanne Henry

1983 Edward P. Reilly

1984 Genelle McDonald 

1984 Marlon Morris in honor of Olivia Morris '18

1984 Debra O'Hehir

1984 Alysoun Roach in memory of Stephen Shaughnessy '84

1984 Ben Tockarshewsky

1985 Richard Calosso 

1985 Regine Metellus

1986 Alex Benavides

1986 Patricia A. McAndrews in honor of future Prep students Timothy & Thaddeus Peters '21

1986 Patty Paralemos-Tsahas

1987 Michael DeCarlo in memory of Gerald J. DeCarlo

1987 Angela Gray-Girardi

1988 Heidi W. Hansberry

1988 Ted Jahn

1988 Susan McGowan

1988 Eric Moskal 

1989 Joann Acquista

1989 Diane Viscovich O'Sullivan

1990 Traci Murphy Regis

1991 Nancy Demers

1991 Korrine Kohm

1992 Stephen Capurso

1992 Christine Ann Del Favero

1992 Greg Dietrich

1992 Regina Legere

1992 Keith Walsh

1993 Joyce Ann Thomas-Moran

1995 Joseph A. D'Agostino

1995 Michelle Kawka

1996 Suzanne Hengl

1996(H) Bro. Robert Kent, O.S.F.

1996 Julie Mary Thomas 

1998 Julie Agate

1998 Aileen Roginski

1999 Helen O'Reilly

2001(H) Bro. Leonard Conway, O.S.F.

2001 Andria Lombardi

2001 Nicholas L. Pantaleo

2001 Sachin K. Shah

2002 Kristina Johnson 

2002 Jeff Wong 

2002 Nicholas J. Xouris

2003 Patricia Lombardi

2003 Daniel Michitsch

2003 Nat Modica 

2007 John Miele

2007 John S. Morana

2007 Christopher Pierno

2011(H) Robert T. Angeletti

2011 Chanel Morales

2013 Marina Pantelidis

2013 Matthew Shearin 

2014 Gartrell D. Emmanuel

2014(H) Robert L. Johnston

2015(H) Bro. James McVeigh, O.S.F.

2016 Griffin Pallen

2017 Angelo George Les

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Castelli in honor of Elisa Castelli '15

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dominguez

Mr. and Mrs. Pierre F. Legitime in honor of Christopher Legitime '10

Ms. Bonita McBride in honor of Jerome Boone '09 & Jasmine Boone '13

Mr. and Mrs. Suman Pradhan in honor of Safal Pradhan '16

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Shea in honor of Joseph Shea '17


The St. Francis Prep Alumni Association website enables you to reconnect with the Prep and with your fellow graduates.You’ll find a full calendar of events and activities; an online class directory to help you communicate with your classmates; information about upcoming events and reunions; photo galleries; latest news stories and recent publications along with many ways that you can lend your support to the Prep.

On for Ol' St. Francis


On for ol' St. Francis, On Red and Blue, Our colors streaming, Rush right in and Fight for ol' St. Francis,   
Lead us on to victory Again without a miss, Fight for our colors,Ol' St. Francis.

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Remembering Coach Vince O'Connor †

Video Tribute  

Photo Gallery

St. Francis Prep Loses a Coaching Legend (with video)



Dear Fellow SFP Alums,
Each year at the Spring Reunion, the St. Francis Prep Alumni Board inducts fellow alumni into the Hall of Fame. At the same time, we also recognize members of our Franciscan Community, who are not graduates, by acknowledging them as Honorary Alumni. Below is the criteria for how you can nominate an individual that you feel is eligible for either award. If you know of someone you would like to nominate, please send an email to by December 15th, 2016 for the nomination to be considered for the Spring Reunion on April 8th, 2017
Thank you and I look forward to hearing you.
Gerry Scales ’76
Hall of Fame and Honorary Alumni Nominations
The St. Francis Prep Hall of Fame Committee of the Alumni Board comes to the Alumni to ask for nominations for the Alumni Association’s most prestigious awards: Hall of Fame and Honorary Alumni. There are so many Prep Alumni who have and continue to live their lives in the true Franciscan spirit, and the example they set is a model for others to follow. 
The Hall of Fame Award looks to honor these individuals who have significant lifetime achievement and service. The following personal qualities and levels of achievement are evaluated as part of the annual process for nomination into the Hall of Fame: 
    The Honorary Alumni Award recognizes those non-alumni who have contributed significant time and effort and exhibited a love for St. Francis. Many of our former honorees are teachers, school administrators, coaches, parents and vendors whose dedication and commitment are truly outstanding. 

    We strongly encourage our Alumni and friends of St. Francis Prep to submit nominations for these two prestigious awards. Please provide us with a letter outlining the personal qualities noted above. The following information should be included:
     -Name of Nominee
    -Graduation Year (Hall of Fame)
    -Present and Past Positions
    -Other evidence of their significant contributions
    -Sponsor name, address, phone and e-mail 
    Please send the nomination to the following: 
    St. Francis Prep Alumni Association
    6100 Francis Lewis Blvd.

    Fresh Meadow, NY 11365
    Any questions can be addressed to Gerald Scales '76 via e-mail at: